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Because being normal isnt good enough!!!

But then again, is there such thing as being normal anymore?

11 May 1986
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I dunno, I guess I am just me.
And that is who I am.
Not anyone else.
But me.
All me.
8675309, a, a handful of people, a innward label, a ukelele, anime, anything assoaited with flcl, b, breathing air, c, chasing dreams, cheese, climbing the mountain, cornering fear, d, don't you know?, drawing, dreaming, dreaming that champain dream, e, eating at the cafe, eating food, eating the nothing, f, fading away again, falling up, feeling lazy, feeling short of stable, ffxi, final fantasy, finding the walking stick, flcl, fooly cooly, freeze dried worms, friends, g, h, having fun, hybird rainbows, i, in the oven, inu-yasha, j, k, knowing myself, l, lazy bear, leveling the water, linking my hands, m, making fear fear me, making my comic, manga, molecular transmogulation device, mr. roboto, music, my dog, my garage, my new identiy, n, never coming down, o, ordinary owl, p, parts made in japan, persona, q, r, ramen, random instant messages, reading, reality escapes me, rpgs, s, shimmering in life, sleeping in class, stalker goes to babalon, straberry cake, t, telling you once, the internet, the pillows, the sky, throwing rock, u, unlikelyness, upping the chances, v, w, waking up at noon, wishing on that star, witch hunter robin, working in the gardin, writing, x, y, your a hot dog, z