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RE: Hello LiveJournal!

No I haven't forgotten about you LJ! I have just been getting on with life and the universe and EVERYTHING! Been looking for a job for a while now, nothing really much out there for me to do with the skills that I have. I have not drawn anything in AGES, I fear that I have lost all of what little skill I did have. I want to start drawing again and re-getting back into the things I used to enjoy. I know that I have gotten older, matured some. (I think...) Yet I still can remember how I used to enjoy all these different things like Anime, Manga, Video Games, Reading, Drawing, Writing. (Was never good at it but enjoyed it none the less!) I miss my friends, and how we used to hang out every Friday. I know things can't be that way again, they have different lives, I know. I need to make an effort to re-connect to all my friends and to enjoy the things we used to do and talk about together. I've become a bit of a recluse I suppose since I rarely leave my house.....

In the mean time....


I am full of total and complete FAIL. Totally got caught up with painting and trying not painting everything else thats not supposed to be painted on. Still have to finish painting the rest of the living room and then start on the dining room! Been playing some KH 358/2 here and there. Things are tons better when you can read and hear what they are saying! I'm so friggen sleepy right now. We went to Jamie's Flea Market this morning with my Dad. I <3 going there! So many things to look at and so much stuff I wanna buy. Alas there is the no monies problem I have since no job. ;w; But I did end up buying a nice little Urn and a 120 Gig hard drive for my desktop. Gonna test it out here in a lil bit. Got a couple friends coming over tonight around 1. I know, were night owls! Anyway I'm gonna watch some T.V. and go take a nap! TTYL!


So.... I'm going to try this again! I WILL MAKE IT THIS TIME!!! Not much to say yet cuse the day really just started xD Needed to post something before I go pass out just to make sure I poasted something. nekarichan Im gonna come see ya sometime! I promise! Maybe you can come with us when we go look for a dresser and what ever else Scott said we were going to look for.

On a brighter note...

I got this e-mail today:
Congratulations! You have been selected as a Third Prize winner of the T-Mobile Download & Win Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Sweepstakes sponsored by Microsoft Corporation.

Specifically, you have won the following prize:

- One (1) 1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription Code: *****-*****-*****-*****-*****

On behalf of Microsoft Corporation, thank you for your interest in the T-Mobile Download & Win Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Sweepstakes and enjoy your prize.

Do not respond; this email address is not monitored.


GMR Marketing LLC
Sweepstakes Administrator

Yay~ Free month for me! I guess its a good thing that I do these download and win thingies on XBL. Because you CAN actually win something from these thing!



So I've been M.I.A. for a week or so now... Ive been very busy trying to keep up on many thing which does not leave me much time to do much else. Had four interviews. Three of them I haven't heard anything back on so I'm guessing I didn't get the position, and the fourth I was over qualified to work at... D: Oh well~ Time to do some more job searching....




Aw man!

It sucks no being able to sleep! Every idea I have sounds more and more better as time goes by!
Like this one!

I need to fix the back of it cuse I know it prolly dont look to well.... Ya I cant see the back of my head! D: and I couldn't find another mirror to hold up even to see!


Had another Monster Hunter Freedom Unite party last night! Got me to G rank yeay! Now we gotta just farm me all the stuff that Ill need for my armor and weapons! That could take a while....


I have a boring life....


As Days Go By

I know I keep missing days! D: I'm trying to get better at posting here! Played some more MHFU and prolly going to play some FFXI in a lil bit after I cook dinneh. Mmmm English Breakfast Tea is so good! :3 No news on a job yet, going to go to Parmatown Mall in a few days to go gather more apps. This is such an annoying process I think I'm just going to open a home business doing something. IDK what yet, maybe it'll be making Steam punk accessories? xD Though I'll need to make a home made vacuum molder, but that's not that hard. I think the only hard part would be gathering the materials needed. Means lots of going to Goodwill and stuff xD



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