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On a quest....

So I need to lose weight. Yes its sad but true. So I am on a quest to lose at least 20 lbs. which would put me back at a weight I am comfortable with. If I were to lose 40 lbs that would be great! Though I dont see me losing much more than 20 at the moment. Time to get my ass in gear and lose this weight.... Ill track my progress which will hopefully make me want to lose weight more. Till next report!



No... I'm not dead yet!

So... yeah... I know I don't post often! I don't have a job and do nothing all day. I'm so board and tired of filling out applications for jobs. Uhg its so annoying writing the same stuff over and over. Though I AM going to go up to the collage sometime soon so I can sign up to go to classes. I need further education... I am so terrified to go back to school after soooo long.
Otakon is comminng up at the end of the month. Yay~ I just wish I had a lil more money to spend. Though I really only wanna find 1 of 2 figures. Either Aegis or Mitsuru from Persona 3. If I can't find either for a reasonable price, I'll find some K-On figures :3 Recently I've slowly been getting back into drawing! Yay for me! I might have something to show on Deviantart in the next few days so ppl know I'm still alive! Also I AM going to finish a few games... Like Tales of the Abyss, of which I have been working on for an INCREDIBLY LONG TIME! Not that anyone cares my FFXI life has been meh~ Lol Abyssea is amazingly fun to do. Walk of Echoes is @_@ cuse ppl are still figuring it out. Got my BLM to 80, gonna prolly have to lvl THF and BST through campaign. Anyway gotta get to sleep!
Till next time Space Cowboy!



I never did update my Games List.. I'll get around to do that soon. Been kinda busy with house stuff.


That is all for now.


1, 2, 3, 4...

I need to update my games list. Prolly gonna do that here in the the next few days! Be on the lookout for a WALL'O TEXT from me~ :3

I need..

To not stay up so late! Other than that I think I've got my room planned out for the most part. Now I just need to find a job so I can see these plans to fruition. Then I need to make a plan of attack on my massive amounts of games I need to play/finish. I know the first game I am going to finish is Tales of the Abyss! Its only been what, a REALLY LONG DAMN TIME since I bought it.
Anyone else have the problem with playing a few different games at once? I get them all mixed up and forget what I'm supposed to be doing in each of them. Also if I get really into them, I have some really jacked up dreams! Anyway I need to sleep. Gonna get up and then figure out what I'm gonna get done for the day. Maybe cut the dang grass. ~_~



Made a pizza, ate it, it was great. That is all!



So I got bored a few days ago and found this website:
There is a Persona 2: Innocent Sin fan translation there!! OMG! I was so excited! Since I found my gameshark memory card thing for my PS2 I can play "backedup PSX" I totally downloaded it and patched it. IT WORKED!!! ъ(`ー゜) I'm totally excited to start playing it! Only thing is I need to get my PC/Game/Library/Guest room painted and some furniature before I wanna sit down and start plaing all the 100+ games I bought but never beat and or played...


When did livejournal become so.... slow? I used to be able to click on something and it would go there rather quickly. Now if i click it dont do anything for like a whole 5-15 seconds? WTH?


I need to not stay up till 6 A.M. Gotta not stay up all night playing games... I really need a life!



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